Tsunami Guitars, and musical art.  A little history!
Tsunami Guitars are the brainchild of Paul Brzozowski of Tennessee, a 39 year master woodworker and manufacturing veteran.

Tsunami Guitars started in September, 2009 on a question.
"While learning how to play the guitar, a friend who was helping me told me one day with my decades of woodworking, and manufacturing engineering skills, would I consider BUILDING a guitar?

I went home that night and thought about all the things I liked, and some I didn't like about my guitars.

I started a list of what I would improve.  Over the days and weeks, it became longer and more difficult. 
I wanted more sustain.  I wanted a unique, artistic look.  I wanted the tone woods I had read and heard so much about to actually act like tone woods. (To this day, I cannot tell much difference between certain tone woods, unless they are on an ACOUSTIC.)"

Paul continues:
"But I was not building an acoustic, I was building a solidbody electric. And the hollowbody and semi-hollowbody electrics all kind of sounded the same - warm, bluesy. You know the sound. I wanted something that could also snap the whip and have great attack!

I wanted a sharp, sustaining tone that would excite the player, make them want to play more.  And of course I needed the distorted sound so many players like, that STILL maintained the sustain!

And maybe most of all, I wanted something truly unique, a piece of ART the owner would cherish forever!

Finally, I added to the list the most important thing:  REASONABLE COST  Currently my guitars quote out from $595 to $750.  NO multi-thousand dollar guitars here!!  It can be done.  Please look in the GALLERY!

When my list was complete, and I knew what I wanted, I found the components I needed and went into my shop.  Three weeks later Tsunami 001 emerged. The TSUNAMI TONAL CHAMBER was born.  You can see a picture of No.1 in the gallery.  It has sustain that goes on forever, the tonal chamber I worked out performed beautifully, and in the end, I had a guitar that JUST ROCKED!"

Now, many, many guitars later, conquering the common designs desired by players and the wild dreams of others, are the custom hand made Tsunami Guitars, Where music and art come together,  FOR THE REST OF US!
Tsunami Single Cutaway with Floyd Rose, twin overwound buckers, Zebrawood w/Walnut
423-716-7423  tsunamiguitars@gmail.com
Tsunami Bo Diddley - Natural woods! Where ART meets MUSIC !!