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What makes the Tsunami Tonal Chamber system different?
Most solidbody guitar companies are starting to chamber, but they are off to the side of the body. Their pickups are still mounted over dead wood.

A plastic pickguard is a tonal killer.  Plastic is used for many insulation and wear applications in everyday life, it is not meant to be a tonal resonator.

Our chamber is DIRECTLY BELOW THE PICKUPS, with the tonal all wooden pickguard mounted over the chamber.  The Tsunami Tonal Chamber System is like putting a hot pickup into a soundhole of an acoustic, but without the howling feedback.
The difference has to be heard to be believed!

Call or E-mail now for your quote on the true chambered Solidbody, the TSUNAMI!  423-716-7423

Recent Build! Tsunami Pagelli with twin buckers, African Pacuak and Birdseye maple. See it in the Gallery!
We also do extensive repair work, major mods and upgrades. Call for pricing!

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Tsunami Lonestar, always has been one of my favorites!
Walnut golf club hat rack.  See it on the golf club hat and coat page!
Tsunami #75 Dolphin Pro style bass with new mods! See it FOR SALE on the Stock Sale page!!
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Recent Builds...

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